I Felt Well Informed And In Great Hands!

Rick was incredibly patient with me while working on finding me right home in the very competitive market of San Francisco.    The search lasted for almost 2 years.  When we did find the right home he worked his magic, leveraging his experience and expert knowledge to secure me a very good deal.  Rick was also instrumental in finding the right mortgage broker.  Rick was incredibly fast in closing the deal in less than 30 days.  At every step of the purchase process I felt well informed and in great hands.   He was extremely responsive to any questions I had replying within seconds or minutes of me asking questions.   I'm would have no hesitation recommending Rick for anyone who is just looking to see what is on the market or someone who is ready to make a purchase ASAP. - Jeff F., San Francisco

I Will Forever Be Grateful For Rick!

During my ownership of our condo at the Cubix building, on many occassions, I kept seeing this very professional and polite real estate agent name Rick Mei showing units that were up for sale. I had the chance a few times to be in the elevator with prospective buyers. During these short elevator rides, I determined that he was very knowledgeable about the building and had represented several people as both buyers and sellers.

When we decided to sell our unit, there was no question in my mind that the real estate agent we chose would be Rick Mei. He truly has a vast knowledge of the Cubix building and goes out of his way to assist his clients. Since we live out of state, it was important for us to work with someone who was willing to deal with emails, texts and calls and he was always responsive. He knows the real estate market very well in San Francisco, and on many occasions, reassured us that the right buyer was out there. He was right! Due to his knowledge of the market and buyers, we were able to sell our condo for more than what I anticipated.

I will forever be grateful for Rick! He is truly a professional and someone whom I would work with again if I were ever in the market for a place in SF again! - Lisa P.

Rick Is Passionate About Real Estate

I have worked with Rick for over 9 months, and he helped me purchase a new condo in San Francisco! For any new home-buyer like me, Rick is the perfect agent because he takes care of all your needs.

(1) Early on, he stays on top of all the new listings and gets behind-the-scenes information from his network -- like current offers & competition, important details about the home you need to know, and market prices.

(2) For places that were important to me, he accompanied me to the open houses and asked key questions to the seller's agent or seller so that we had all the information to make an offer.

(3) I was able to place several offers with his help, and he helped process disclosure packages and put together offer letters. All I practically had to do was sign.

(4) He also set me up with several lenders who provided competitive loan packages and interest rates. You can tell that he had my best interest at heart, while making sure things are a win-win for everyone involved. It has to be for a deal to go through.

(5) With the place I bought in the Marlow, Rick was so prompt and got me in the first week sales were happening. He would try to get me extras that could be thrown into the offer and I appreciated the extra effort.

(6) Even after the home purchase, Rick was involved in making sure that I was getting interior options and down payments straightened away. He would provide his input on what would have better resale value and provided other options on how I could take care of flooring, window treatments and other home setup choices.

(7) He would also continue to keep tabs on new deals happening at the Marlow like locking down interest rates. Proactively, he reached out to secure these benefits and also asked our other lenders if they could provide it as well.

I learned that Rick is a real estate agent because he's passionate about it. I do believe his full-time role as an accountant for a high tech start-up helps him deal with all the fine-grained details of home ownership and the financials flawless.

He's trust-worthy, thoughtful and puts your best interest at heart. I have already recommended him to several friends who are also looking for home in San Francisco. If you are struggling to find an agent to work with, you will be in good hands with Rick as he over-delivers.  - Young Y., San Francisco

Rick Is Always There For You

If you are like me, making the most expensive purchase in your life, which is my first home, welcome to the ride. Competing in a rising market is difficult and can often be emotional. You can face steep competition over twenty offers, all the sudden you have to care about San Francisco condo conversion laws, and you know the city by bird eyes view now, what schools and groceries are nearby, how is parking, etc, because all that matters to your offering price, then one day the interest rate goes up 1%. It is not easy! You need an expert who is on your side. I am so glad to have Rick as my realtor.
* Rick is always there for you. There are never excuses, he always responses to your questions and requests anytime of the day.
* Rick knows his stuff, it is very complex in the process of home buying. You should care about the safety of the neighborhood, the structure of the building, renovation cost, etc, all require experience and expertise.
* Rick prices it right. Sure you can get your house if you bid way over the market value, which happens too often in the rising market. It is important to be able to walk away from the property that you really liked but got overbid. The right one for me means the right price plus everything else I care about. It is the most important thing to show how your realtor is on your side watching over your interests.
* Rick closes the deal fast. It is not done until everything is taken care of in the escrow. I didn't need to do anything other than providing needed signatures and documents. Rick took care of all the communication and make the whole process super smooth.

What can I say, I couldn't be happier to have Rick as my realtor and got the condo that I really like. I highly recommend him if you need a trustworthy realtor. - Wiley W.