Very Professional And Highly Knowledgeable

There is no one I could recommend higher that Richard, he has handled properties for me
twice, a small condo and a country property. In both instances he was very professional and
highly knowledgeable. He was attentive to my needs and showed the exact ability to
counsel me and advise me on each sale. I will use his services again whenever I need a
realtor. Thank you Ricard.

Richard Will Diligently And Professionally Seal The Deal!

Richard Gullo is an outstanding and rather unique real estate agent. Outstanding because
once my partner and I found the property to bid on, Richard did everything necessary to
ensure we were successful. As a buyer, it can be daunting with all the items we needed to pull
together and at every stage Richard was there to guide us. Plus we bid on a short sale which
makes this all the more challenging. He partnered effectively with the selling agent, loan
officer/underwriters, and title company, correcting mistakes and making sure the deal did
not fall through.
Why Richard is unique has to do with the fact that he did not attempt to push us into
something we did not want but instead listened carefully, found exactly the properties we
were interested in, and within 2 to 3 weeks we were bidding on the property we most wanted.
Previous to Richard, we had worked with a realtor who had none of the qualities we found in
Richard and it was a trying experience, we almost turned away completely from buying real
estate in San Francisco. Richard's approach and style of doing business was just perfect and
we are now the proud owners of a lovely condo in Diamond Heights. I recommended Richard
to my sister and in his typical even keeled style, he found her a home in Portrero Hill that she
closed on within a couple months of meeting him.

I highly recommend Richard as a real estate agent that understand the value of establishing
a strong relationship with his clients and will diligently and very professionally seal the deal
on the perfect property for you and your family.

You Made This Happen!

I would like to thank you for all your help with my TIC purchase. You made this happen!
You are very professional in all that you do.
I could not believe the paperwork that was involved with the purchase and closing.
You gave me a disc with all the important paper work that I will need for now and the future
I enjoyed your company and all your suggestions.
You listened to me rag, and watched me be disappointed with when I did not get a few, but,
you hung in with me to find my perfect match.
I would recommend you to anyone.
I wish you the best, cause you are the best.
I have got tails to tell you about my TIC!!

I Know Who I'm Going To Call

I loved working with Richard Gullo and he sacrificed a lot to help me find my dream property.
What I thought would be a two-month search turned into a 9-month odyssey of seeing every
property in SF and the East Bay that met my specifications. This was not a nine-to-five job,
and throughout the search Richard was available at a moment's notice, alerted me to
possibilities before they hit the market, and kept my hopes alive.
We eventually found the perfect home in an ideal neighborhood that exceeded my
expectations. Richard helped steer me through the paperwork process (quite daunting since
the mortgage meltdown of recent years), dealt with the myriad details around inspections,
worked with my mortgage broker, and kept me informed.
What made the whole process enjoyable is Richard's approach to the search, offer, and
close. He is low-key and calm, very realistic about pros and cons of properties, knows what's
going on in the market and has credibility, and is a pleasant person to be around: nice, funny,
polite. The next time I need a top-notch Bay Area real estate agent, I know who I'm going to

Our Guardian Angel

Richard Gullo has been our guardian angel. He saw us through almost a year of ups and
downs in what we know to be a very tricky and volatile market. He was calm, overly
generous with his time and genuinely cared about our wellbeing. Not at any point did I feel
like he was trying to oversell us a house. In fact, it felt more like he was looking out for our
best interests. Can't recommend Richard enough - he was everything you could want in a
realtor - the only regret we now have about buying the house is we won't get to nose around
other peoples homes with him anymore! He made the whole process really fun!

Very Honest And Straight Forward

Mr. Gullo represented my home purchase in April 2013 of a one bedroom, one bathroom
condominium in the San Francisco, Mission District. Richard was very honest and straight
forward with setting expectations of the aggressive market conditions and offered his expert
advice of how to maneuver through the listing and opportunities. Richard was prompt and
responsive to my questions especially with homes accepting offers within days and in most
cases overbids or all cash. He was prompt with our appointments and very direct with signing disclosures and outlining the importance of each document. My home purchase closed on
time with excellent communication between the lender and selling agent. I have also
recommended Mr Gullo to coworkers and friends with the same confidence that I found in
him. I consider myself very luck to have been represented by Richard.